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File & Contract Administration

Built on the Salesforce.com App Cloud, FileCycle provides a native and easy to use interface.  Use as a stand alone contract management application, or install in your existing Salesforce environment.


Identify who had the file, has the file and where your approval process currently stands.


Every-step of the way, FileCycle versions each time a party submits changes and approvals.

Cycle Parties Ordering

Our drag and drop interface allows you to order and re-order your recipients with ease.

Drive Files and Contracts to Approval

Easy To Configure

Easy to configure a new contract to be routed through your approval process for both internal and external reviewers.

Document Generation

FileCycle supports simple to complex document generation, if you have the need.

FileCycle Parties

Cycle your documents to approval without the requirement for approvers to access and learn a new platform.

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